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Political Cartoons: Newspaper Databases

Tutorial - Finding Articles in Databases

Search Tips for Finding Cartoons

Every database works a little differently, but here are some general tips that can help you locate political cartoons in the ProQuest newspaper databases (Historical New York Times, Baltimore Sun, etc.):

  • In Advanced Search, in one box enter terms related to the subject matter of the cartoons you'd like to find.  Use just one or two keywords to start. 
    • For example, entering the terms "education OR civil rights" will find cartoons on either of those subject matters.
  • To find cartoons by a particular artist, enter the artist's name in one of the boxes, and leave the drop-down box at "All Fields + text."
  • Under Search Options, in the "Document Type" box, select editorial_cartoon (click in the check box). 
  • To limit your search to cartoons from a particular period, limit by date using the "Date Range" drop-down box.

Finding Cartoons from Newspapers

You can try searching these databases to find political cartoons that have been published in newspapers. 

In the databases, make sure you are on the "Advanced Search" screen, then under "Document type," click on the check box next to "Editorial Cartoon"  Click on "Search" to see all cartoons, or add a subject term in the search boxes above.