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Scientific Method: Step 2: RESEARCH

6 step scientific method


You have your question/problem formulated. What's next? Research.     

Now you need to find out about your subject. You need background information before you move on to your next step, the hypothesis. What other research or experimentation is out there? Will this influence your experiment? 

Where do you find this background information?

  1. The LIBRARY.  Note the Resources tab on this guide, and the Suggested Databases box in the right column of this page. Ask your friendly librarian about databases, print material, etc.
  2. Discuss your topic with your friends, colleagues, and teachers. Everyone has an opinion or observation.
  3. The and convenient.
  4. Life, in general.

VIDEO: Research is like cooking

Video by Chris Bourg, Stanford University Library

Suggested Research Databases

Is your research credible?

Choose your sources wisely. Make sure you do enough research, but stay focused on your problem.

How do I know if my sources are good? Useful links.

Research Studies Tutorial