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Syria--Culture and History: Archaeology & Early Civilization

Overview of Syrian culture and history

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Syria is home to six UNESCO World Heritage sites. Sadly, war has damaged or destroyed every site. Follow the links below to find out more about the sites.

UNESCO World Heritage States Parties--Syrian Arab Republic

UNESCO Country Page--Syrian Arab Republic

This article, from in Australia, shows the devastating impact the war has had on Syrian landmarks: Aleppo, Syria: Death and destruction photos paint a thousand words

National Geographic images show a vibrant, modern country in  the decades before the war: See Vintage Pictures of Syria's Ancient History

Films on Demand: History and Architecture of Syria

This BBC video clip from 2008 shows a vibrant and exciting pre-war Damascus. A center of trade and religion in the region, Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world with a history reaching back over 7,000 years. The video shows the commercial and religious architecture that distinguishes the city and gives a good idea of the culture and society of this thriving metropolis prior to 2011.

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Fertile Crescent

National Geographic: The Race to Save Syria's Architectural Treasures

National Geographic: The Race to Save Syria's Architectural Treasures

"The deliberate destruction of antiquities by ISIS and others in the birthplace of human civilization is cultural genocide."

This article explores the destruction and looting of priceless historical artifacts and archaeological treasures. Includes photos of antiquities that have been damaged, destroyed, or stolen.



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