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Publishing in Scholarly Journals-Scholarly & Creative Recognition at Harford Community College: Introduction/Submission Information

Recognition of Scholarly & Creative Publications/Performances by HCC Employees

To recognize and celebrate HCC faculty, staff, and administrators (full-time or part-time) who have published original, substantial scholarly or creative work or achieved comparable output in the visual and performing arts.

Sponsor: Cosponsored by the Library and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Description: Works and their authors/creators will be recognized publicly. The published work will be acquired by the Library and added to the HCC Employee Publications Collection (when feasible). The employee’s name and date of recognition will be added to the perpetual plaques in the Library.

Criteria & Guidelines for Eligibility

Examples of eligible scholarly publications/creative work:

Scholarly books or chapter in a scholarly book, authored or edited;   

  • Creative works published (novel, poetry, etc.);  
  • Textbooks, lab manuals and/or other published supplemental instructional materials;   
  • Short story, poem, article or other creative non-fiction, substantial book/performance review, or dramatic work published in a peer-reviewed journal or other peer-reviewed publication;  
  • Published conference proceeding (provided there is a peer-review process and the full paper is published);  
  • Patented invention;   
  • Published data set;  
  • Published curriculum, diagnostic instrument, or software (provided that authorship is evident and that there is evidence of peer review, comparable to other scholarly work, and in the case of curriculum or diagnostic instrument, that it is published and adopted at a state, regional, or national level,)   
  • Comparable (i.e., original, substantial, peer-reviewed, etc.) work in the visual and performing arts disciplines including but not limited to:   
  • commissioned artwork;   
  • display of work in a juried or invitational art exhibit;   
  • illustrations or images in a published work;   
  • editing a published exhibit catalog;   
  • published or commissioned musical score or sound recording;  
  • invited curation of an exhibit (at a gallery or museum outside HCC);  
  • published or peer/client-reviewed media including but not limited to online, broadcast, cable and satellite content;   
  • musical/theatrical performances with a professional company (note that community or educational theatre/musical performances are excluded) in cases in which the performer was invited and/or auditioned.  
  • screening of a film you directed or wrote in an invited or juried film festival  
  • Digital publications will be considered provided there is a peer-review mechanism and the publication meets the other relevant criteria.    
  • Co-authored and/or co-edited works Page Break  

Examples of ineligible work:  

  • Paper presented at a conference but not published;   
  • Published abstracts of conference proceedings;   
  • Self-published work in any format (i.e., a vanity press publication, personal website);  
  • Brief encyclopedia entries or annotations;   
  • Publication of an article, story, poem or other work in an “in-house” publication such as a campus newspaper, student literary journal, or departmental newsletter.  
  • Opinion pieces or letters to the editor. 
  • Interviews for broadcast in any format 


Submission Information

The purpose of this program is to recognize original, substantial scholarly or creative work done by HCC employees, which makes a contribution to a discipline and is published or performed in a peer-reviewed venue. The goal is to celebrate accomplishments and, when possible, to acquire a copy of the work for the HCC Library. This recognition program is independent of any tenure/promotion-seeking processes at the College. Note that the work must have already been published (i.e., appeared in print or digital version) or performed to be eligible (not merely accepted for publication/performance) between May 1, 2023 and April 30, 2024. *

*work must actually have been published to be eligible (not accepted for publication and making its way through the publication process).

*submissions for academic year 2024 are open

If you have multiple publications, please complete a separate form for each.

Nomination Form

This recognition is for works that meet the criteria laid out in this document. Works that do not meet the criteria are not seen as ‘less than’ or unimportant; they just do not fall within the criteria of the recognition, and we encourage them to be submitted for recognition elsewhere.