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College Archives: About

What is the College Archives for?

   The College Archives is the institutional repository for Harford Community College; that means it stores old documents and other material produced by or related to the College.  We also make it easier to get to all of those items, so that the community, students, faculty, and administrators can enjoy the rich resources about the College that we have gathered.  It's not just for history research, either; we recommend the College Archives as an instructional laboratory for all sorts of courses.

Need data for a statistics class?  We have figures on enrollment, demographics, majors, and graduation for nearly half a century.
Prepping for theatre, and need to know if Mad Men really talked that way?  We have audio recordings of administrative meetings on reel-to-reel and on cassette tapes in the College Archives.
Want to learn how the field of nursing has changed, or track the advance of new concepts in psychology or sociology?  Decades of course catalogs--with changing class descriptions--are available in the College Archives, along with periodic program reviews. 
Need fodder for a journalism class or magazine article?  The College Archives is full of interesting tidbits and stories, not to mention back issues of campus newsletters and newspapers back to the 1960s.
The College Archives has many hundreds of photographs; explore changing fashions, styles of interior design, or differences between documentary and artistic photography.