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College Archives: Connect To Resources

Connect Your Project To Our Resources

To do successful research in our College Archives, ask yourself, "how does my topic connect to Harford Community College?" 

Sometimes it's straightforward:

   •Researching student organizations? We have newspapers,  yearbooks, and some club records.


Others are not so straightforward

   •Researching Harford County's transition from farmland to Baltimore suburb, or the changing experiences of African Americans in higher education?  We definitely have material to help you if you're researching either of these, but you have to think of the connections. 


Look at the finding material tab to learn more about how our materials are organized; since they are organized by office and function, think of what document types might have the information you want, and what office would generate those documents.  

•Where's the transition from farmland to suburb in the College's records?  In campus maps maybe, or annual reports, or facilities master plans, or aerial photographs.  So figure out what offices might generate those kinds of material. 
•Where are changing experiences of African Americans in higher education within the College's records?  Demographic statistics don't capture the whole experience, but they're a good start.  So are the college newspaper and yearbook, along with records of student organizations like the Black Student Union.  Faculty handbooks and faculty meeting minutes give you a sense of the instructor experience.

Background reading will also make your research much easier.  If you're looking for a person, know a little about what s/he did, and during which era.  The same goes for departments and organizations.