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College Archives: What "Stuff" Do We Have?

What Kinds of "Stuff" Does the Archives Hold?


textual material                                                                 

The vast majority of the material in the College Archives is textual.  Handwritten letters, shorthand notes, typed correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, rosters and mailing lists, biographic summaries, event programs, position papers, syllabi, and newspaper articles are some of the types of textual material we hold.


Our collection also contains publications: course catalogs and schedules, handbooks and yearbooks, and Accreditation Self Study Reports, Annual Reports, and the President's Report to the Community, to name a few.



The College Archives has a solid collection of images of Harford Community College.  This includes envelopes of photos, photos sorted by category, and both posed and candid, professional and amateur photos, along with many kodachrome slides, and an extensive collection of negatives.   We also hold dozens of discs of born-digital photographs.


audio reels and tapes

We hold more than three dozen audio reels, with commencement addresses, recorded meetings, guest speakers, radio interviews, and more, back to the first years of the College.  We also have modern cassette tapes from the 1990s. 

film and video

Our collection of Harford Community College material also includes two film reels(from 1964 and 1973), and dozens of VHS tapes with commercial spots, building dedications, poetry readings, and other recordings.