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College Archives: College Administration


College Administration

 College Administration is about sustaining the institution--

Good to Know...

   -Board of Trustee meetings are great for any topic, since they cover everything from broad policy to instructor sabbaticals and student publications.

-Publications from the President's Office offer a lot of information condensed and in a friendly format, often designed for public consumption.

-Faculty, staff, and students have had some influence in administration through Shared Governance, though this has changed over time.

-Self Study reports for re-accreditation offer fantastic snapshots of every aspect of the institution, including athletics and focus group surveys.

-Looking at the many and varied grants that Marketing & Development has applied for can offer a detailed window into special projects of the College.

-Harford Community College grew out of the county public school system, and was called Harford Junior College.

making sure that Harford Community College can continue in its mission for years to come.  This includes governing the institution (formulating and implementing policies), funding the institution (getting, managing, and spending money), and the physical plant.  The bulk of the records in the College Archives come from these key functions. 

Record groups related to administration are:

•RG1, Board of Trustees

RG2, President's Office

RG3, Shared Governance

RG6, Institutional Research

RG7, Marketing & Development

RG8, Finance and Operations

   It's important to remember that the internal administration of Harford Community College is not independent of changes in society and culture, or developments in technology, or issues in state or federal government, or events in the news.  National trends can be tracked through our records, because the College has always worked to balance accepted practice and the cutting edge.  Knowing more about the wider context of our College's administration will help our records to tell you more about your topic.   

Suggested Research Questions

why don't we have a football team? why are the buildings named as they are?
how did the College respond to nationwide student unrest in the 1960s? why are we the Owls? 
what made enrollment numbers drop in the early 1980s? how much did a professor make here in the 1970s?
why did the community theatre troupe change its name several times? what projects have we done with regard to the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay?
what do the administrative reorganizations suggest about priorities? where does the College's money come from, and how has that changed?  
where did the library used to be? what has remained on the president's list of annual goals for many years?
why was a college president given a no-confidence vote? how much input do professors have in governance, and has that changed?
what questions did the Black Student Union's constitution prompt? what groups that help the College stay at the forefront of job needs and technology?
where and for how long did the College have an overseas education program?
what did the campus used to be?