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College Archives: Teaching and Learning


Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning are at the heart of our institution,

Good to Know...

   -The bulk of this subject is in Record Group 5, Academic Affairs.  That is where you will find extensive records of the Curriculum Committee, and Program Reviews regularly conducted by most departments.

-Self Study reports for re-accreditation may offer a digest of curriculum modifications and brief explanations for decisions made. 

-Programs and courses change their names over time, so it helps to be familiar with multiple names or terms for your search topic.

-Academic divisions (or departments) have been moved and re-organized several times; looking at the organization charts in Record Group 2, President's Office can help to point the way.

and are the reason that the supporting functions of administration and the rewards of college life exist. The curriculum must be created from a matrix of demands from professions, parents, employers and faculty members, and it must be revised to keep it current.  It is implemented through program requirements, syllabi, lectures, and assignments, and its results are evaluated many different ways. 

 Record groups related to teaching & learning are:

•RG3, Shared Governance

RG4, Student Development

RG5, Academic Affairs

RG6, Institutional Research


   The many changes to Harford Community College's programs, course offerings, and emphases over the years reflect society's changing vision of what an educated citizen should know.  Perhaps even more than a traditional four-year university would, community colleges must work to balance the sometimes-competing needs for both broad general knowledge and specialized vocational preparation.  Harford Community College has worked since its founding to be responsive to the needs of both the career-focused and transfer-focused students, not to mention its continuing education offerings for community members.


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