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College Archives: College Life


College Life

College Life is about socialization--

Good to Know...

   -Re-occuring student groups and clubs are often listed in the course catalogs, and sometimes also listed in the student handbooks. 

-We have newspapers and newsletters that cover roughly the entire history of Harford Community College; 1957-1966, 1973-1977, and 1996-2011. 

-Most of the photographs in our collection are not formal, posed shots--they are candids taken at events, in classrooms, and around campus.

-Event programs and large posters combine with behind-the-scenes rehersal photographs to tell an intriguing (though incomplete) story of dance and theater life. 

-Harford Community College (called Harford Junior College at the time) only produced yearbooks during the 1960s. 

-The theater group's name changed several times in its history, from Susquehanna Festival Theater to Phoenix Festival Theater.

-The Owl was the name of the yearbooks, the Owleye was a newsletter, while the Harford Owl and the Owl Express were newspapers, and the Owl Magazine is a magazine.

the sort of informal learning that often takes place outside the classroom, in student organizations, at cultural events, and in everyday life on campus. Since Harford Community College is a commuter campus,  rather than one with dormitories for students or housing for faculty, extracurricular activity is perhaps even more significant.  Still, we have had a healthy tradition of athletics, literary magazines, theatre troupes, newspapers and news magazines, and a variety of student clubs throughout the College's history.  The cultural life of our College has been a very active one.


Record groups related to college life are:

•RG 4, Student Development

RG10, Audio-Visual Materials

RG11, Cultural Events & Performing Arts

   It's hard for archival documents to capture how people felt about the time they spent in a place, and it is no different for the students, employees, and community members on Harford Community College's campus. Still, activites both formal and informal are captured in photographs, and the newsletters and magazines offer venues for self expression.  

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